OBV win ‘Campaigner of the Year award’


OBV have won the ‘Campaigner of the year’ year award by UK Parliament.

OBV had an extraordinarily busy year in 2019 working on many fronts. We were particularly pleased with our General election campaign and the collaboration with our media partners, advertising giants, Saatchi & Saatchi.

They created the thought-provoking ‘Fake News’ video. The video which used real quotes from well known individual were brought to life by actors, singers and political activists. Nathlie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones), Will Poulter (The Revenant), Nadia Rose (UK hip-hop artist), Ash Sarkar (Journalist) and Jermain Jackman (Singer – The Voice) all played a key role in the ‘If you don’t register to vote, and have a voice, someone who might not have your interest at heart will speak for you’.

Everyone at OBV feels extremely humbled by the award and by the ongoing collaborations that we have forged with organisations, institutions, and funders both civically and politically that help us make a difference in the racial and social equality space. They also include: Our ‘Pathway to Success’ programme with Oxford University, Magdalen College, Blavatnik School of Governance, Lloyds Bank, and the House of Commons Diveristy and Inclusion Unit; National Education Union (NEU); the House of Commons Speakers Committee; Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government; the Aziz Foundation; the Racial Disparity Unit based in the Cabinet Office and No.10 Downing St.; and our other leadership programmes with the Local Government Association; Birmingham Council; Liverpool City Council; the Welsh Assembly; Esmée Fairbairn Foundation; Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Barrow Cadbury Trust.

Thank you UK Parliament - the award ceremony takes place on the 24th March - and all those who have collaborated with us.

OBV's Director Simon Woolley said: "The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, particularly when we have such dynamic collaborations. Our goal is always to empower BAME communities and transform our institutions".

OBV alumnus, Sandra Stewart who nominated OBV for the award said: OBV’s vociferously non-partisan campaign seeks to ensure all communities stand up to be counted in our political futures. It is why I was inspired to apply for OBV’s leadership programmes. The Saatchi & Saatchi advert is visually arresting and a powerful message that perfectly illustrates what OBV does, and it is why this award is totally deserved.

Rodney Reid