OBV's Simon Woolley receives lifetime achievement award at National Diversity Awards


OBV’s Simon Woolley was the recipient of a lifetime achievement award at the 2020 National Diversity Awards last Friday.

The OBV Director confessed that he felt too young to receive the honour but showed gratitude following his victory. He singled out event organiser Paul Sesay for special thanks and chose to bring his fellow nominees onto the stage.

He described the venue as a 'cathedral to leadership' and urged attendees to embrace the responsibility of leadership in their own walks of life.

Laks Mann of the Metropolitan Police and also an OBV alumni was named positive LGBT role model of the year.

Laks Mann, pictured above.

It was the ninth edition of the annual event which aims to celebrate the achievements of individuals working in grass-root community groups that tackle society’s issues. A record number of people cast nominations across the country, with 126 nominees eventually shortlisted for their achievements.

The event took place at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral having previously been postponed twice due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In an interview with The Voice, Paul Sesay confirmed that the 2021 iteration is due to take place in February 2022 with the official 2022 iteration following closely in September of the same year.