Raheem Sterling calls out racism in English football


Raheem Sterling is right to call out the extreme racism that has once again infected parts of English football.

Sterling not only calls the abuse out but also points the finger at the British media for the constant negative stereotyping Black footballers are subjected to by certain sections of the press.

In his Instagram account he points to the demonization of a young Black player by the Daily Mail who has bought a 2 million pound house for this mother, despite not having a played a game for the first team, and ignoring a white player who did the same. Sterling argues that this demonstrates some media outlets want their readers to see Black players in a very negative light. Sterling has had a year of severe personal and professional criticism despite winning the Premier title and helping England get to the semi-final of the World Cup.

Sterling says it is the negativity that emboldens those fans to spew such racial hatred as we saw on the terraces on Saturday night. In the video nasty you can blatantly see a Chelsea fan - (bearing in mind Chelsea have many Black players in their team) scream such racial hatred almost in his face as he collects the ball from the touch line.


Former Liverpool ace Stan Collymore, himself subject to years of racist abuse, has said, despite Sterling’s bravery English football will do nothing significantly to stamp out racism in English football.

Simon Woolley