A record number of BME talent awarded in 2019 Honours

In this year’s New Year’s honours a record number of BME individuals were recognised for their talent, endeavours and humanitarian acts that have helped make our world a better place.

First of all let me apologise for not naming everyone- but if you send me a text or email I’m make sure our communities know who you are.

But from what I’ve seen this year is impressive. The big names honoured include super star actresses Thandie Newman, and Sophie Okonedo, other well known names are the musician David Grant, TV historian David Olusuga, and artist Yinka Shonibare.

The entrepreneur and activist Mustafa Suleyman and surgeon Malik Ramadham are also honoured, but there are also many unsung heroes who will have their day at the Palace to be recognised by the State for their achievements. They include those working to guide youths away from gangs and knife such as Mark Prince, and Stephen Addison , DR Shirley Thompson and Nitin Sawhiny who both bringing classical and other music genres to the masses , Sonia Boyce also representing the world of art. And a big cheer must go to Saeed Atcha, one of the youngest recipients awarded for his social entrepreneurial skills, that give work and experience to many young people by creating is magazine Xplode.

To all them well done. Your visibility gives us all great pride. It’s also worth noting those who work hard behind the scenes to ensure BME talent is recognised in this way by individuals such as Harris Bokhari at the Cabinet Office.

Well done to your all.

Simon Woolley