Season’s Greetings from OBV


I hope most of you reading this have either finished work for Christmas or are winding down. We also salute the small army of individuals who will be working throughout the festive period.

No matter what your religion, or non-religion, Christmas is a time to find peace: peace from the deluge of work, or finding work. Peace from the worries of providing a brighter future for your family. Peace from fighting seemingly impossible battles home and abroad from continuing prejudice. Peace to be with your family and friends.

In our world of consumerism - I too am a fully signed up, albeit, reluctant member of it –We needed to hear the wisdom of Reverend Jesse Jackson during his recent visit to London to remind me and us to confront our own rampant consumerism and greed. Speaking on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral amongst the much maligned ‘occupiers’, Jackson told the throng, ‘your cause is a just one…Jesus Christ himself rebelled against the consumerism of his time’. And then in a magical moment he turned to the crowd to remind them what Christmas should be about. ‘Christmas’, he said ‘was the poor person’s Holy day, not Santa Clauses shopping day’.

We at OBV, therefore, wish you a most glorious Holy day, whether you’re with family, friends or alone.

We’re back to work on the 28th, we look forward to seeing you then.

Merry Christmas