Season's Greetings from OBV


Seasonal Greetings and a special good will to all!

As the year draws to a close and many head off to see family and friends for the festive break, OBV wish you the warmest Christmas greetings with a strong message of love and good will towards our neighbours.

I mention this, because in this year in particular there hasn't been much good will for our fellow men and women within the United Kingdom. In fact we've been anything but united, worse still in my lifetime I struggle to remember a time in which we have been as divided as we are now.

The deluge of disinformation, bare faced lies, and the normalisation of everyday racism have been just a few manifestations of our divided nation.

This Christmas break, however, offers us a moment of reflection to double down on the warmth and affection we have for our family and friends. And to wholeheartedly reject the poisonous narratives that seek to drive our communities apart.

Merry Xmas


Simon Woolley