Showcase of provocative plays by South Asian women


Beginning on Monday 21 November, the Kali Theatre Company will begin its annual “Talkback” series at the Soho Theatre showcasing eight new plays by South Asian women playwrights.

The week of performances runs until Saturday 26 November and marks the culmination of the year-long Writer Development Programme. Kali describes the event as a chance to see “witty, bold and provocative” work by the “freshest and most original voices” in theatre writing.

The series is a chance for South Asian women to showcase their work to an audience and for the public to gain an appreciation of their perspective, which is perhaps underrepresented in the theatre as a whole.

Each of the plays has a story to tell about South Asian life in the United Kingdom today.

For example, the opening night piece by playwright Sharon Raizada is entitled “Awakening” and deals with a young Sikh girl who infiltrates the English Defence League’s headquarters in Luton.

In another, “Four Glaswegians and a Coffin” by Narinder Dosanjh, an Asian family living in Glasgow must deal with the aftermath of a father’s death and the responsibilities that accompany it.

The Kali Theatre Company are also looking for new scripts from South Asian Women to be featured in next year's Talkback series. They are looking for original and innovative short and full length theatre scripts.

Writers who submit scripts will be chosen to join Kali's Writer's Development programme which includes workshops and discussions along with public readings.

If you feel passionate about theatre and want to write a play about a burning issue or to find out more about Talkback 2011, visit the Kali Theatre Company website by clicking here.

Danny Mucinskas