Solidarity on Roma Holocaust day in London



On 2nd of August, Roma around the world commemorate the Roma Genocide during the Second World War. On this day back in 1944, nearly 3000 Roma and Sinti were killed in the gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau under the regime of Nazi Germany.

This year, the annual Commemoration of the Roma genocide took place in the Holocaust Memorial Garden in Hyde Park. Although Roma, Travellers and Gypsy activists were the main organizers of the event, this year’s commemoration was widely supported by representatives of the Jewish, Black and Indian communities in UK.

After laying flowers and candles in front of the Holocaust Memorial Stone, people sang together the Roma anthem. The event continued with inspirational speeches for mutual voice against anti- Gypsyism.

Simon Woolley from OBV also called for greater unity and solidarity among minorities in the UK. Representatives from the Jewish Socialist’s Group in London sang songs related to the Holocaust and emphasized that the shared history between Jewish and Roma people is only one of the experiences that connects them.

The Roma Holocaust was commemorated by activists and communities who say NO MORE to violent racism, racial inequality and injustice. Today across many parts of Europe including the UK, anti-Roma violence and persecution are on the rise. So this even was not an event which helped people realize the shared history and memories build bridges between communities, but also raised awareness about the plight of many Roma that is occurring today too.

On this day in London Roma leaders, Black and Jewish activist all said, ‘ we’re much stronger together’!

Dancho Yakimov