Stormzy supporting Black students at Cambridge University


Students at Croydon College got the shock of their lives today when one of the world’s biggest Grime Artist Stormzy showed up there to tell students that he would fund a number of students who got the grades to study at Cambridge.

In a heartfelt message Stormzy said:

When I was at school I was ambitions to study at Oxbridge but some people did not realise the option was open to them.”

I was always reminded by my teachers that I was destined, if I wanted, to go down that road and study at one of the top universities,”

He said:

I diverted and ended up doing music so it didn’t happen for me. I thought I was quite a rare case in that I knew that was possible.

That’s not always the case. When students are young, academically brilliant and getting great grades, they should know that’s an option.”

This year he promised to fund two students and next year two more

Last year he donated £9,000 to a crowdfunding initiative set up by a student from south-west London to enable her to study at Harvard.

You’ve got to hand to Stormzy; a brilliant artist who acutely cares about the society around him, including race inequality. What’s more he doesn’t just talk about it, he’s prepared to act, and give leadership for others to follow.

Simon Woolley