"These coons need gassing"


It was almost inevitable that there would be certain elements of society such as the BNP and EDL who were ready to take advantage of the civil disturbances and further their race hate politics.

Recently convicted criminal Stephen Lennon, leader of the English Defence League (EDL) stated that 'they were ready to defend the country against the looters'.

Lennon has put out a 'call-to-arms' to supporters of the group to come out on to the streets and stop the riots.

“We’re going to stop the riots—police obviously can’t handle it," he said before encouraging members to launch street patrols in Bristol, Manchester, Luton and Leicestershire in an attempt to convince angry young men against destroying their towns.

"If they tried to smash up Luton town centre I’d know every one of them. I can go into any working class community and talk to them.”

The wicked truth about the EDL members was all to easy to see today with one member Lewis Smith, spewing,'These coons need gassing". Other EDL supporters on the thread agree enthusiastically.

Sadly community tensions will be tested to the limit. Race hatred organisations and some individuals from different communities will be seeking to break up cohesion and pit one community against another.

As ugly as these disturbances are they have never been about one race attacking another.

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edl fascist theory

majority of the people rioted in Manchester were English native whites, are they going to gas them as well? They are just evil minded nazis and they are living in the past 1935 Germany.

Treat EDL like the terror organisation they are

Surely it is time for Cameron to take a firm stance against the EDL? After the shocking events in Norway, and the fact that the killer had links with the EDL, the British PM needs to fix-up and outlaw the EDL? I agree community tensions will be tough and some will see this as a great opportunity to splinter cohesion. The bottom line is that the looters were from all walks of life and all nationalities.

People say terrible things on the internet.

Nobody is going to gas anybody. I am sure that there some incredibly bigoted people out there but it must be realised that many people use anger and aggression as a way to mask their fear - it must be addressed.

It isn't pragmatic to outlaw the EDL because it drives them underground and makes people from within the organisation more likely to cause unrest, aswell as making it easier for such persons to potentially cause a problem while remaining unnoticed. Outlawing the EDL would make it more difficult for the police to continue monitoring situations and gathering evidence, given that the evidence would no longer be so freely available.

Duh... Did nobody on this website ever assess the value of free speech?

If an individual that somebody disagrees with speaks out then that somebody knows what the individual is thinking. If people were not allowed to speak their mind or portray their deepest expression of the id (the purely selfish side of a person) then we would never actually know if we disagreed with another individual, thereby cancelling one's abilitiy to speak out against another - think about it.

Unfortunately, the EDL must be allowed to say nasty things so that we know we don't like them, otherwise we don't know whether or not we like them because we would not have enough information to formulate an oppinion.

Harsh, stubborn and annoying: it's called other people - they just don't go away so easily.

Oh dear

I wonder what Josh would say if a Black person belonging to a pseudo political group spouted such Nazi rhetoric?

You never fail to show your true colours!


The EDL are a bunch of caveman savages that dress up as if they are civilised human beings. Josh makes a point that we should allow them a platform to say what they want to say. Josh why is it when a young Muslim says something about Foreign invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq etc is wrong and he/she is then considered a terrorist!
The EDL should be allowed a platform a public one - its called the "Gallows". Next we will be seeing them burn the cross and cover themselves from head to toe in white sheets (mind you in France that will be a problem for them - they'll get arrested for wearing a veil).

Let them go underground and lets just put a big rock over the entrance and if you feel the need drown the scum.

Simon never fails to mention colours.

"Oh dear
Submitted by Simon Woolley on Thu, 11/08/2011 - 13:12.

I wonder what Josh would say if a Black person belonging to a pseudo political group spouted such Nazi rhetoric?

You never fail to show your true colours!"

A week Later and you still haven't publised my previous comment that lambasts the incompetence displayed by yourself in that comment; I must have made the salient point.

I was simply explaining to people the realities of a given situation and proving that words do not always hurt as opposed to the delivery of fantasist notions and out-of-place pipe-dreams dreamt-up by an 'angry mob' mentality.

I do wish that the EDL would stop most/all of their actions.


Josh the reason why your previous wasnt posted, becuase as usual your comments descend into personal insults. Your contributions to our site are almost always in the negative towards the work we do. We try include comments, even if like yours, they are against what we stand for, but we will not tolerate your insults.