Tower Hamlets corruption must end


On the eve of the historical Mayoral elections in Tower Hamlets OBV calls on political parties to end the long standing political corruption that has blighted the area.

During a live TV hustings debate with the Mayoral candidates - organised by OBV and Channel S - they all concluded that political irregularities, on an unacceptable level, still exist.

The Liberal democrat candidate, John Griffiths stated he witnessed in one house alone, five voting cards which had come through door, which he argued, 'could easily be used for mischievous purposes’.

The Chair and former political candidate, Ajmal Masroor stated, ‘I have proof there is large scale corruption in this borough’.

Equally worrying was the Independent candidate Luftar Rahman’s accusation that teams are going around the borough, ‘asking people to sign a 'voting' form that they will deliver for them tomorrow, without them doing anything else’.

Sooner rather than later the Electoral Commission must investigate all serious allegations and where necessary prosecute wrong doers.

OBV urges the electorate of Tower Hamlets to use its democratic franchise and vote for the Mayoral candidate they believe will best serve the borough.

It also urges individuals and institutions to once and for all clean up the political corruption in this Borough.

Simon Woolley

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Strange party advertisement

Yesterday I have received a text message saying to vote for Lutfur Rahman and to pass on the message to 10 more people.

I feel that this is, first of all, an intrusion of my privacy and moreover I find it worrying, since I have no idea how Rahman's election team got hold of my mobile number. I have never given the number to any party whatsoever. Which means that they must have obtained in some other way. I suspect they might have obtained it from some council records.