Tower Hamlets/TFL: Shameful bullying of Mr Wang


Frank Wang has greeted Bethnal Green commuters for the past 15 years from his mobile coffee van outside Bethnal Green station. Come rain or shine he is there, if you haven’t got enough money or the right change, ‘don’t worry’ he’ll say, ‘pay next time’. To those who find themselves in a much worse predicament Frank always offers them a hot cup of chocolate and snack. That’s Frank. A humble, hard working man of the people.

Now big business along with TFL are trying to close his business, because Tower Hamlets have sold the premises behind him to build a fancy bar restaurant, but they can’t move him on so they’ve cut off his electricity. It is dirty shocking behaviour to crush a one man business.

A friend of Wang’s Sam Dodds, set the website to support him, also hundreds of residents and commuters, including myself have physically signed his petition to get his electricity switched on.

Sam said:

"Frank has a good heart, and Bethnal Green loves him. To see him treated so cruelly is unacceptable."

Mr Wang himself stated:

"TfL is my landlord, they trust me, I pay my bills always and I've never been any trouble, all these fifteen years there has been no problem, but now this.

"I am a family man. I have kids to take care of. They know I can't fight because I have no English. They can't do this to me, it is not their right.

"They won't let me reconnect my electricity box - so I bought a generator, and now they've put in a complaint about the noise it makes.

"I don't understand how this can happen. I love this community, I love Bethnal Green."

This is not just for those in Bethnal Green to support Frank Wang, but anyone who cares about hard working entrepreneurs being pushed around to accommodate big business should sign this petition and demand that Frank is treated decently.

For 15 years he has been more than decent to so many people it’s time we supported him.

Please sign and show your support:

Or contact the Local MP and local councillors;;;

Simon Woolley