UKIP & Tommy Robinson: Hate breeding hate


Just when you thought the nasty UKIP political party couldn’t get any worse, their leader Gerard Batton just signed up the master of racial hatred and division, Tommy Robinson.

The new UKIP leader has recruited Robinson to be his 'special advisor'- on a voluntary basis- no doubt to get his counsel about how to influence voters by spewing divisive and selective information about sex grooming gangs from Asian communities.

Since his high profile court case in which he was imprisoned then released pending a retrial, Robinson has become the de-facto figurehead for the UK’s Far Right. He is well supported by other Far Right groups in continental Europe and the USA.

UKIP clearly feel this is the way they want to go, hence the unofficial appointment for Robinson to their ranks.

Founder and former leader of UKIP Nigel Farage, who has always flirted with Far Right politics and politicians sees the appointment of Robinson as ‘appalling,’ stating that Batton is “a leader who is dragging us in a shameful direction.”

Before this UKIP was able to cunningly portray a veneer of political respectability. I guess if nothing else they have now removed the mask and declared themselves to be a fully fledged Right-wing Neo Nazi political party.

Simon Woolley