Urgent Statement in Support of Diane Abbott MP


Thursday 8th June 2017

We deplore the racism, misogyny and hatred suffered by Diane Abbott MP during this election campaign. This barrage of hate has exacerbated her ill-health and stress, that comes as a direct result of the MSM hate campaign, and bias media coverage that we’ve seen emerge, on almost every occasion Diane makes a public appearance or a statement.

We note the current hysteria of sections of the British media which has a disturbing tendency to apply a wholly different standard of critical news values when reporting on senior black political figures, and in particular, black women.

Black leadership in the UK is under constant scrutiny and examination. This is not true and does not generally apply, to white mainstream politicians, who are able to make mistakes, commit gaffes and errors, whilst being afforded the luxury of white privilege, that allows for such mistakes to be considered human.

Black politicians, particularly those who challenge racism in wider society, and are forthright in doing so, pay a heavy price when making similar errors when compared to their white counterparts.

The lack of Black, Asian and ethnic minority peoples employed in the editorial rooms and broadcasting houses of the UK is reflected of a popular culture of racism, misogyny and bigotry, that can often legitimise and amplify, popular prejudice.

Put simply, we demand British media do better.

We send our solidarity, love and support to Diane Abbott MP and her family at this difficult time, and hope she makes a full recovery, enabling her to return to the frontline of British politics.

If you would like to sign, please send me your details.


  • David Weaver Operation Black Vote Board Member
  • Zoe Matthews, Co Director, Friends, Family and Travellers
  • Jane Lane Race Equality Matters (R.E,M)
  • Lester Holloway political activist
  • John Clay R.E.M and Visiting Fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Simon Woolley CEO Operation Black Vote
  • Julia O'Connell Davidson
    Professor of Social Research
    School of Sociology Politics & International Studies
    University of Bristol
  • Lord Herman Ouseley 
  • Paul Anderson Voyage
  • Viv Ahmun-Blaksox
  • Donna Bryant - Founder ROCosmetiKs
  • Patricia Lamour
    Gender Education & Enterprise Development for Africa (GEEDA)
  • Zita Holbourne BARAC UK
  • Dr Julie Vullnetari, Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Southampton
  • Gozie Joe Adigwe. Scottish TUC Black Workers' Committee
  • Peter Herbert Society of Black Lawyers 
  • Isabel Ros López
  • Natasha Johnson-Richards
    Director Digital Inclusion & Partnerships
  • Olivette Otele Reader in History Bath Spa University
  • Juliet EdwardsCEO, 
    Nurture Projects Management

  • Teresa Crew Lecturer in Social Policy Bangor University
  •  Kanja Sesay Diversity officer
  • Dr Omar Khan, Director, Runnymede Trust
  • Mr michael lionel, Trade union activist.
  • Dr. Cecily Jones (Associate Fellow, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick)

  • Steve Garner, Professor of Critical Race Studies, Head of Criminology & Sociology. Birmingham City University

  • Vanessa Price Frankson

  • Revd Bev Thomas – Diversity Trainer

  • Amanda Arbouin

  • Ms Remi Makinde

  • Dr Karen Wilkes, Lecturer in Sociology, BCU

  • Paulette Sawyers Lecturer – BA (Hons) Youth & Community Studies; BA (Hons) Criminology Newman University

    David Carrigan, Chair, College of Policing, Independent Advisory Panel on Equality and Human Rights

  • Vennetta Johnston, Director Inspirational Volunteer Journeys

  • Paul Johnston
  • Dr Nicola Frith*Chancellor's Fellow, Division of European Languages and Cultures (French)University of Edinburgh

  • Dr Marie Stewart MBE,   Psychologist & Diversity Consultant

  • Marika Sherwood

  • Kalwinder Sandhu

  • Patrick Vernon

  • Jo Phoenix,Professor of Criminology, School of History, Religious Studies, Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology

  • The Open University


    Jennifer Harris


  • Deborah Robinson, Community Fundraiser, Edconsultinguk


    Matt Jarrett

  • Danielle Scott-Haughton

  • Yvonne Witter MA., FCMI 

    Global Enterprise Consultant

  • Simon Hinds


  • Dr Karamat Iqbal



  • Dr Tanzil Chowdhury, School of Law, University of Manchester

  • Lola Okolosie Teacher and columnist at The Guardian.
  • Lee Jasper, Blaksox