'Victorian-style teaching' hurting black children


The Voice reports that Black children are being let down by UK schools as a result of ‘Victorian style teaching’ which alienates them according to an educator:

“Nia Imara, founder of the National Association for Black Supplementary Schools (NABSS), told The Voice that this style of teaching, where mostly white teachers cover mainly European-related subject matters, is hurting the education potential of black children.

“Black pupils are failing because they cannot engage with the Victorian-style teaching in this country. In some lessons, like history, they are left asking where they fit into the picture. They are taught in schools where the teachers live 50 miles away and have no idea who they are and what is going on in their communities,” Imara said.

His comments come as recently released government statistics paint a bleak picture, showing that black pupils continue to lag behind others in GCSE exams.”

The full news article can be read here.