Vigil held in honour of Mohamud Hassan


A vigil was held outside the Cardiff Police Station on Tuesday to mark a month since the death of Mohamud Hassan. It represented the third consecutive day of demonstrations.

Voice.Wales estimate that between 80-100 were in attendance. The group held plaques calling for the footage of his time in custody to be revealed, as the calls for there to be justice for Mohamud continue. 

A minute’s silence was held during the vigil. Attendees on the day have said that Speakers called for officers to be suspended during the ongoing IOPC investigation (Independent Office for Police Conduct) in addition to the bodycam footage being released. 

There call for answers has been reflected online, with more than 30,000 signing a petition demanding the IOPC release documents and CCTV footage of the officers’ contact with Hassan.

In a statement delivered Tuesday, the IOPC intimated that it was unable to release the footage as of now “because it may need to be used in any future possible criminal, misconduct, or inquest proceedings.”

In the same address, they added that they are gathering accounts from police officers who may have had some contact with Hassan either directly or indirectly, and have stated that the investigation will examine the circumstances leading up to his death, including: 

  • What happened during his arrest on the evening of Friday 8 January and the journey in a police van to Cardiff Bay custody suite

  • The extent of force used by police officers during their interaction with Mr Hassan

  • The level of care provided and welfare checks conducted during his detention at the police station

  • What assessments were undertaken before Mr Hassan was released without charge from custody on Saturday morning

  • Whether there is any evidence of discrimination

  • What happened in the hours after Mr Hassan left custody until his sudden death at the property in Newport Road on Saturday evening.

Since the protests which occurred outside the Police station last month, the revelation that as many as 52 police officers came into contact with Hassan from the time of his arrest to his release has raised even more questions regarding his time in custody. 

Hilary Brown, the family’s lawyer, has said Hassan’s family is “understandably disturbed” by the news. “There are allegations of excessive force and to hear that Hassan was subject to this level of police contact has been really upsetting and then not to be given any further information about this, the contact, was really difficult and completely unfair.”

Mayowa Ayodele