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Four years ago a dynamic woman joined OBV’s MP Shadowing Scheme. Helen Grant was already a successful business woman but she felt she had a greater calling. We twinned her with the then Shadow Cabinet member Oliver Letwin MP. He thought she was brilliant, saying she was ‘Just what the party needed’. She tenaciously seized upon the opportunity given to her, quickly learning about all aspects of local and national government.

In just three short years she outshone her Conservative peers to win the prestigious nomination for Ann Widdecombe’s seat of Maidstone and The Weald  in Kent. On May 5th 2010 Helen Grant made history by becoming the first female of African descent to sit on her Majesty’s green benches as a Conservative MP.

We cannot guarantee everyone will have Helen’s success but we guarantee that all those chosen will play a leadership role in our society.

If you feel you’ve got what it takes to become a role model, a leader, an MP, then we want to know. African, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, and other minority ethnic communities are welcome to apply.

Your success will be our community’s success too. For more information and to download the application form please follow this link.

Simon Woolley

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Staying true to your principles

I am glad to see that Helen Grant has not only been elected, but remains true to the big issues and above else her principles. Helen might not belong to the same political party, or indeed political spectrum as me – but credit where it is due – congratulation on being an inspiration.
I was heartened to see that Helen is of course giving voice to the needs and aspirations of her local community – the folk who have elected her. However in doing this, Helen is still working hard to raise the profile of issues such as tackling health inequality, supporting practical measures around mental health and wellbeing, promoting social cohesion through stronger families.

I would like to lead or become an MP

Dear Simon,

I am a 'qualified paralegal' specialist practitioner and a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegal. I feel that the hour is coming nearer that I should lead as a stern voice for our African communities. I have a Dream! How could you build me up with the requisite skills, support and opportunities please?

I forward to hearing from you.


Mr Livingstone

Leading/Becoming an MP

I am a registered general nurse with a long history of working in the NHS, Voluntary and Care Sector. I would like to be a strong voice, making a difference in the present government and management of the NHS. I would like to be trained in the shadow scheme available and look forward to hearing.

I would like to lead or become an MP

Dear Simon (Sir)

I am a student currently studying digital video production & post production. I have a keen interest in human right activism, especially the right of black people and the down trodden to be treated as equal as everyone else, and a motivational speaker too. I recently, came back from NUS black students' campaign, I was inspired by many black right activists with your esteem self among them and I can't wait to represent the nation of black people or to contribute towards our emancipation in every ramifications. Sir, I would appreciate the opportunity a great deal.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you very much.

Yours in mission

Prince T.O. Odunze

Brilliant response!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your brilliant responses, all information for applying to the scheme is found in the following link, please download and complete the application form and send it to us.


Do The Right Thing!

"Want to become an MP?"

Hell No! Why? Simple reason is because of the unfair treatment meted out to Minority Ethnic MPs; which is still on-going. Paul Boateng was never treated fairly as the most senior Minority Ethnic MP when the racist New Labour Party came into power in 1997. The whole package called New Labour and their racist exploits between 1997 and 2010 has done enough to make up my mind on this subject.

The continuous refusal of government cabinet's and shadow cabinet's to deploy Minority Ethnic MPs in key decision making positions is a very key factor in discouraging me from the very brutal and racist world of British Politics. The Cabinet, Shadow Cabinet and other senior positions within other political parties in this country, should reflect the diverse make up of the United Kingdom as she is today. Both David Cameron of the present government and Ed Milliband of the possible future government, are not doing it; and have shown no intention of either. They have instead chosen the path that is built on the principals of the British National Party and the new English Defence League.

What does Diane Abbott (of so many years of political experience) and Adam Afriye (senior Conservative MP) got to do to have a look-in?

Praise has to go to Helen Grant for her achievements. Sadly, I don't want to read quotes like: " On May 5th 2010 Helen Grant made history by becoming the first female of African descent to sit on her Majesty’s green benches as a Conservative MP.", because this is something that should have been achieved a long time ago, and we should be taking for granted today.

I will continue to live in hope; but, until that day, my answer to being an MP in the United Kingdom - where I was born, but, not free because of my colour - will be a capital N.O. Let's hope someone with a bit of common sense can one day step forward and: DO THE RIGHT THING!

Want to become MP

Well I taught nerly 29 yr in this country. I have a long life experience in that field. During my teaching profession I experienced to deal with all the communities. I had a very good relationship with tthem.
I would like to carry on serving these communities .That's why I want to become MP.
Please kindly send me the application form.