Hate filled Katie Hopkins forced to apologise, finally


Backed by one of the most powerful media outlets on the planet - The Daily Mail and the Mail online- the hate-filled Katie Hopkins must have felt that she could racially and religiously abuse almost anyone she wanted, particularly if they had little or no power to demand redress.

Hopkins revelled in the publicity of calling some of the most vulnerable African’s in the world ‘cockroaches’ as they literally risked life and limb crossing the Mediterranean sea in the hope that they would be in a safer enviroment. Despite the fact that thousands of men, women and children have died attempting the crossing, Hopkins felt superior in her dehumanising abuse.

More recently her hatred spewed onto an innocent Muslim family who were refused entry to the US as they planned for a holiday at Disneyland. Hopkins wade full throttle accusing the family of having links with al-Qaeda. In one part of her article she said: “You can’t blame America for not having this lot travel to Disneyland. I wouldn’t either”.

But Mohammed Mahmood and his family have fought back and have not only forced a retraction and apology from Hopkins and the Daily Mail online, but have also received a payment of £150,000 in damages.

Stella Creasy MP, who represents the family's Walthamstow constituency, accused Hopkins of "tucking away" her apology, which she published on Twitter at 02:00 GMT.

"Do feel this late night tucked away one should be given more prominence," she said on Twitter.

Congratulations to the Mahmood family for having the strength and fortitude to fight back.

It may be a small victory against a perpetrator of hate, but it’s a significant one.

Simon Woolley