H&M ‘Coolest monkey in the jungle’ disgusting ad


Any advertising campaign that puts a Black child in a hooded top with the writing ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’, as the fashion giant H&M have done, demonstrates either absolute contempt for its Black customers andor why we desperately need greater Black leadership in UK’s big businesses.

Did no one at a senior level at H&M or their advertising agency say, ‘actually calling a Black kid a monkey, even if it's  the coolest monkey is really not cool, its racist!'

Just to add insult to injury they produced another ad with a white kid in similar top but call him a ‘survival expert’.

We at OBV clearly thought we were done with this type of crude offensive advertising when we challenged Cadbury’s chocolate for likening one of their new chocolate bar products to the super model, back in 2011, but alas no. The struggle continues.

We’ve contacted H&M but they have failed to respond. Maybe we should respond with our purchasing power?

Simon Woolley