Race campaigner wins case after six year battle


OBV reported on the plight of Vivienne Lyfar-Cisse back in 2017 when a petition was set up to force Sussex NHS trust to reinstate her. That is still ongoing, but OBV can report today that this tenacious Black woman has won the first of her six year battle against the hospital at an employment tribunal. The tribunal concluded that she had suffered both racial discrimination and victimisation by her employers.

After a six year battle, far from apologise that Trust said it was disappointed in the Tribunals findings.

In response Lyfar-Cisse said:

The racial discrimination that I have been subject to by way of victimisation, because I have chosen to raise my head above the parapet to expose the institutional racism of this trust has continued unabated, culminating in my unfair dismissal last year."

That case will be heard later this year.

But what is it with the Trust having been found guilty of discrimination that it does not apologies adding further insult to injury.

After tormenting a brave and strong woman, they seem to be rebuking Dame Ingrid Simler President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal with their, ‘We’re disappointed with the judgement’.

Surely the right thing to do would be to accept the judgement with humility and profusely apologise to Vivienne for the pain caused. But sadly, as we know too well racism barely acknowledges itself, it just keeps on denying in spite of all the evidence.

Well done sister for exposing the truth.

More details of the case can be read here:


Simon Woolley