Boaz Adelekan: A star is born


The world of spoken word offers listeners an alternative to overproduced and often disingenuous art. Its rising popularity has taken the internet by storm, making room for an inspiringly emotive art form to take its rightful place in popular culture. Raw, authentic, and uncensored, Boaz Adelekan speaks a truth in his own work that inspires thought.

Adelekan, a budding spoken word poet, has already caught the attention of thousands of viewers online. Young and extremely talented, the poet hopes to bring about change using his words as his weapon.

Adelekan has a rare gift of inciting conversation with his prose, powerfully and deliberately delivering a message intended to challenge its audience. His collection includes pieces challenging contemporary society on issues ranging from overreliance on social media to religion and economic inequities.

Meant to eliminate barriers, Adelekan’s videos invite the viewer into an intimate realm of expression where a connection between the artist and audience is established. Paired with dynamic visuals and artful cinematography, his words pack a punch of powerful insight into every line.

Adelekan succeeds at what his genre intends to do: provoke thought and challenge the mainstream. Both himself and the messages he hopes to deliver deserve further recognition and celebration as he further develops his voice and artistic vision.

With his upcoming work likely to take a political stance on knife crime, there is still much to come from this refreshingly talented poet. OBV awaits Adelekan’s new work with much excitement and will continue to support him in his creative journey.

To check out some of Adelekan’s work click here.

Cameron de Matteis