Reni Eddo-Lodge let's talk about race


Award-winning author Reni Eddo-Lodge recently sat down for a one on one interview with OBV Director Simon Woolley. In the debut episode of her much anticipated podcast; Reni starts by evaluating the 90’s and some of the pivotal events during that period that helped shift and shape the race conversation. Simon goes on to speak about the controversial ‘phone numbers’ billboards ads, which were one of the first OBV campaigns and as a result saw the mobilisation of an unprecedented numbers of black voters. During the in-depth programme, Eddo -lodge also interviews the award winning writer and actress Meera Syal alongside academic and film maker Farrukh Dhondy.

Eddo-Lodge’s work is a necessary critique on the way hegemonic culture interacts with the black experience and her book which has been called by Nikesh Shukla (author and co-creator of the Jhalak Prize), “one of the most important books of 2017.” Is an endorsement of the importance of her work but also an indictment on the ‘progress’ of race-relations, in other words; why in 2017 do white people still not understand the race conversation? Listen below as she and Simon flesh out the nuanced answer.

Adeolu Adebayo