A radical vision for a new Africa: Dr K Andrew’s masterpiece


Every now and again there is a piece of inspired work that could have a profound effect way beyond its targeted audience.

Prof Kehinde Andrew’s work for the BBC, a three minute animated film entitled ‘A radical vision for Africa’ could be such a piece of work.

Andrew’s imagines what Africa might look like if its destiny was in its own hands: And as result could control its own natural resources; if it wasn’t shackled by international debt; if it was free to trade without the monstrous trade barriers that the ‘free trade’ western world impose on Africa.

It is brilliant as it is simple. The moving graphics take you on a journey In which Africa becomes a prosperous free movement continent, where Africans have no need to flee to place that will inevitable treat them worse than thirds class citizens.

I’m sure this short video will inspire discussion and once again reenergise global African pride.


Simon Woolley