Kanye slavery statement is off the rails


Kanye West has always been a self publicist grabbing the headlines with controversial statements. However, even for him his recent pronouncement is totally outlandish and offensive. He was Trump's chump from day one, visiting the President within days of his election and having their picture taken outside Trump Tower. He has for the last year or so declared his unwavering support for President Trump defending the indefensible. Yesterday he went even further by making the idiotic and bizarre statement that slavery was a self imposed choice by African Americans.

Black people were forcibly brought from Africa to the US during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and sold as slaves to the highest bidder. The legacy of slavery still permeates all areas of US society, and is reflected in the gross inequality and entrenched racism that can be witnessed day to day in the country. For West to suggest otherwise is a perversion of historical fact, and further polarises him from the mainstream music industry, his fellow African Americans and society as a whole.

He should apologise for the hurt he has caused, and learn to keep his mouth shut about things that he knows nothing of.

Staff reporter