The Nation will have its official Windrush Day


According to press reports, The Government Minister for Race Equality, Lord Bourne, announced that the UK would celebrate the contribution from people from the Caribbean with a National Windrush Day. This Friday 22nd June marks the 70th Anniversary of the SS Windrush that embarked in Tilbury docks, carrying passengers predominantly from the Caribbean.

This week there will be celebrations all over the UK marking this very anniversary, and to many campaigners who have campaigned for this day to be recognised for many years, it is the icing on the cake. In addition to the official day, the Government announced 500k funding to organisations and charities that will work on commerative and educational events .

Sadly the cloud of the Windrush immigration scandal is still present to many, but with this day, now officially marked down in the British calendar, the contributions this generation has made to British economic and cultural national life will now be acknowledged and celebrated for years to come.

A special thank you must to those tireless campaigners such Patrick Vernon and Arthur Torrington.

Whilst we must not ignore the continued challenges of that remain within the Windrush immigration scandal, letting the country know the extent to what this generation achieved both helps heal the pain, and elevates those who came during an almost 25 year exodus, to a great place where they truly belong.

Simon Woolley