Marsha De Cordova’s finest political moment


OBV alumnus Marsha De Cordova MP hasn’t even been an MP for one year yet, but that hasn’t stopped her being a powerful voice in one of the fiercest chambers of world politics.

Yesterday, during Prime Minsters Question Time, Marsha took to the floor like a seasoned veteran, and set about flaying the Cabinet Minister, Esther Mcvey in a confident and precise manner.

"It is of paramount importance that Ministers give accurate and truthful assessments to Parliament. Ministers knowingly misleading parliament will be expected to offer their resignation to the Prime Minister". She then turns to the PM, looks her straight in the eyes, and asks: "Has she?"

The Prime Minister conceded that mistakes had been made, that McVey would make an announcement, which came as a fulsome apology for unintentionally misleading the Parliament.

But this was De Cordova’s day. In but a short space of time, she chooses her battles carefully, has learnt to how to master her brief, and deliver her assessment or criticism in a way that is both effective and impressive.

We’re proud of you Marsha!

Simon Woolley