Vaughan Gething: First Black elected leader in Europe?


If Vaughan Gething wins the internal nomination to become leader of the Welsh Labour party he will then become First Minster of Welsh Assembly and will be the first leader of any European country to come from a African background.

Gething was born in Zambia, but moved to the UK when he was two. His mother is Zambian and his father Welsh. Now Gething stands on the threshold of making history.

I’ve known Vaughan for well over a decade, and even back then he had big ambitions and quality to match, as he put it, ‘I want to make a monumental difference to people’s lives in Wales.’ And he might just do so at the highest level.

Gething knows he’s got tough opposition in Mark Drakeford, and Eluned Morgan, but the Welsh are a strong minded people who respect courage and tenacity which Gething has in no small measure.

Good luck Brother!

Simon Woolley