Record number of BME MP’s standing for PM


The Conservative party have come a long way in regards to BME political representation in parliament. When OBV began 24 years ago there were no Conservative BME MPs, and frankly none on the horizon either . Fast forward to today and three BME MPs, Sajid Javid, Sam Gymiah, and James Cleverly, all with ministerial experience, are now standing to become the first BME Prime Minister.

According the bookies, only one of the three - Sajid Javid Home Secretary - stand any chance of being considered, but that’s not the point. The real win is that these talented men feel confident enough to vie for the nation’s top political job, and moreover their party and wider society have not bulked at the prospect.

This process will do the three contenders no harm in showcasing where they stand on the big political issues such as Brexit, but it will also put them in a strong place if they don’t win when the new PM comes into place to form a government with their own Ministers.

Above all though, I hope their run for the UK’s top political job - Prime Minister - inspires young BME individuals to think big and aim high.

In regards to all three candidates, good luck, but we’ll want to know what your view is on closing persistent race inequalities.

Simon Woolley