Those who see Black people as inferior must go!


Ripples the worst kind of racial hatred, have for the moment, been removed from within the walls of London’s most famous black door. The special advisor to the Prime Minister, Andres Sabisky has stepped away from his role, following complaints about his choice of his points of view on race/eugenics, pregnancy and women’s sport.

In the wake of the very recent Windrush deportation scandal, and now this resignation of a senior advisor holding such deeply racist views, Downing Street will quickly find itself in a position in which Black Britain will strongly feel that this Governmental in sanctum is either against Black people or best indifferent. Either way this spells trouble.

Since the start of 2020, The Prime Minister has pushed for a strong and united nation. But the last few weeks have demonstrated anything but unity. Many Black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals are getting the feeling that we’re being thrown under the bus, whilst the focus is poured upon the white working class up north who abandoned Labour for a tory vote .

When we view Mr. Sabisky has been described as a political forecaster with an eye on the future, we actually see his view on race, and women are firmly based on language and thinking from a bygone age.

The business of government is to be bold and to look forward for all the people it governs, which is why so many have questioned Mr. Sabisky’s original appointment and the apparent ease at which he has left his position as an advisor.

The government’s business minister Kwasi Kwarteng has also questioned the appointment of Mr. Sabisky, asking for the process of hiring staff as advisor to Downing Street to be ‘looked at’.

Ideologies such as Sabisky who spread hate, hurt and division should never be allowed to enter the corridors of power and must be challenged at every moment. We aim to do just that.

We all must demand better!