What have we learnt in Covid-19 lock-down?


These are most unusual times: Part scary, part boredom - particularly if you have children - but it’s also a unique opportunity to do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do, and if this lock-down is to last at least another four weeks, then there’s a lot of time to it.

So, in the first few weeks of ‘lockdown’ what have you learnt about yourself, about loved ones, about things around you, you never really noticed?

Here’s a few things I’ve learnt:

  1. That going for my daily walk, somewhere between Waltham Forest and Epping forest, seeing the abundance of natural beauty almost on my door step makes me smile.
  2. With less cars on the road and not having to go to central London my skin is so much cleaner.
  3. My 14 year old son is a pretty good cook when he puts his mind to it.
  4. That TV drama doesn’t get more intense and superbly acted as Netflix’s ‘Ozark’.
  5. Calling family and friends on a much more regular basis makes me, and I hope them much happier.

And what have you learnt? tells us your stories...

Simon Woolley