Who is your Covid-19 BAME hero?


Covid-19 army veteran Captain Tom Moore has become one of the nation's true heroes during this unprecedented crisis - which for most of us has been a daily diet of bad. 99 year-old Captain Moore has managed to raise more than 30 million pounds by hauling his zimmer frame around the garden for every day of his birthday plus one. One hopes and expects that in the Queen’s honours list sometime very soon Captain Tom Moore will receive something rather special from Her Majesty the Queen.

But we all know there are many unsung heroes from this Covid-19 pandemic, and we want you to name them and tell us why they are your hero. After that we’ll select a small number for you to decide who we should put forward for a national gong.

You can nominate anyone you’d like: your mum, your neighbour, your postwoman or a carer who's watched over you whilst you’ve been sick. We won’t promise to raise 30 million pounds, but we will try and spread some good news, as well as celebrate unsung heroes.

To nominate someone please tell us in 200-400 words why they deserve to be nominated Covid-19 BAME hero .

Email with picture to info@obv.org.uk, or insta, tweet, fb or write to us on Linkedin!

Simon Woolley