Kate the Felter: Thank you for your support.


I hope someone, somewhere is capturing the deluge of goodwill that is being offered to organisations such as ours from people who recognise our work in fighting for a more just, a more equal society.

My own view is that many have been moved by recent events including seeing those frontline nurses, doctors, care workers, who have given their lives, whilst caring or saving others. I also think the gratuitous murder of an unarmed Black man at the hands of State police in Minnesota has also shocked a world beyond US shores, that the lives of Black people are simply worth less.

So people like ‘Kate the felter’ have simply reached out to say; ‘OBV I am really pleased you’re there doing what you do, and I’d like to help’. Kate is an artist, her medium is felt and this is what she’s done. It’s called, ‘Seeds of change’. She’s put it on Ebay and wants to donate the proceedings to OBV.

This gesture becomes much more than a kind donation important as that is to an organisation such as ours. It’s also an act of empowerment and a strong statement: ‘I’m white, and I don’t accept the racial inequality that I see around me, and I will do something about it.’

Well Kate, and all those other individuals who have made donations, thank you!

We will continue our efforts to drive institutional change that benefits all of our society.

To bid for Kate’s work here:

Or to make a donation to OBV:

Simon Woolley