End SARS marches take place in the UK, Czech Republic and Canada


This weekend saw several #EndSars rallies not only in the UK but across the globe, as the continued calls for change grow. The rallies have seen diaspora communities take the lead in helping to amplify the existing protests which are currently taking place in Nigeria. The rallies have taken place in Sheffield, Northampton, Bristol, Leicester and Leeds across the 23rd, 24th and 25th October.

At least two rallies occurred in London on Sunday. One of these featured a distinctly religious feel, as branches of the Christian organisation RCCG banded together to march from Speakers Corner outside Marble Arch station to the Nigerian High Commission. There was prayer and praise and worship in equal measure, as attendees used the opportunity to make their voices heard in open support for Nigerians back home.

Hundred’s joined the Christian march in support of the movement to end Sars and for wider restoration to occur within Nigeria.

However, it did also come with reflection. Upon closing in on the High Commission there was a momentary pause and a minute of silence for all those who had lost their lives due to the Special Anti Robbery Squad. So too was there reflection, respect and prayer for those who had lost their lives at lekki toll gate.

The calls for change and prayer did not end after arriving at the High Commission, as many stayed to continue to pray and hope for resolution which would see Nigeria positively affected.

A significant number of those that joined the march elected to carry placards calling for an end to Sars.

Upon arriving at the High Commission, many stayed to pray and chant for change. A number also remained to partake in a candlelight procession.

As mentioned before, the rallies and marches are a result of a wide spread of diaspora communities which see Nigerians hold a significant presence across many parts of the globe.

Similar displays of empathy and solidarity were seen in Canada and the Czech Republic, as Nigerians continue to support those back in their native homeland.

Demonstrators in Czech Republic's Capital, Prague.

What can you do to help?

Awareness, Awareness, Awareness..

Spread awareness about what is happening. You can do this by continuing to use the hashtag #EndSars. Make sure to keep informed - do not let it fall out of the International limelight as this represents one of the biggest obstacles to change.

Stay informed. Lend your voice. And support on the ground efforts where you can. I advise following @fkabudu to remain up to date.


You can also assist crowdfunding efforts built to support those on the ground. This has included aiding in the provision of food, health services and legal services as well as other assistance to protesters.

You can do this by donating to EndSarsResponse 

All pictures and videos minus Czech Republic inclusion courtesy of Mayowa Ayodele.

Mayowa Ayodele


A call to action...

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