If Trump wins, I’ll cry and not with joy!


Normally on election night a nation hold’s its breath; the blood sport of politics plays out its final act. Winner takes all.

But the American elections tomorrow with the Republican Donald Trump in one corner and Democrat Joe Biden in the other, is all together different.

A global audience will collectively hold its breath tomorrow waiting to see who the American voting public will choose. I’ll be one of those in the global audience deeply worried about what another 4 years of Donald Trump will bring?

In my adult life I’ve never known a USA so racially divided, and across Europe on the whole a US President so utterly despised. On race I never thought I would hear even the worst US President stand on a platform and openly endorse a militant Far Right group- The proud boys. ‘Stand by’, he told them. For what, can only chill the blood. His UK friends and those he’s supported include a who’s who of UK xenophobes; Katie Hopkins- Nigel Farage and the UK fascist Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen. His views on Muslims who are demonised as the ‘enemy within, his articulation of poorer African countries- Sh...holes, along with his demand to shoot Black lives matter protesters, leaves you feeling America could be irreparably broken- at least for decades to come if Donald Trump wins.

I also sadly believe that our own Prime Minster Boris Johnson will cherry pick aspects of the Trump play-book which undermines the rule of law, places ‘his people’, way above competency and fairness positions of strategic power. And wherever they can the Trump play books seeks to rig the election itself They call it voter suppression there in which many millions of African Americans were taken off the register, or make it extremely difficult for them to vote, we’ll have a boundary changes here which will be designed to favour one party more than another.

So if Trump wins many people’s lives, particularly African Americans, Latin Americans,-although many Cuban Americans love Trump- Muslims and many poor whites will be negatively affected. What’s left of Obama-care, which gave basic health cover to 20 million poorer Americans, will simply go. But it’s not just the tangible policy effect that is so detrimental to many Americans, its Trump’s ability to poison the soul of American life.

For example, even more than, ‘I dread what he’ll do if he wins again’, if he does win many Americans will see Trump as the new template for power, in business, in politics in life: You lie, you cheat you do whatever it takes to win.

I haven’t even spoken about the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, who I’m sure his a decent guy, but frankly given the ‘wrecking ball’ Donald Trump is, it really doesn’t matter.

Joe Biden for President!