A Delusionary Trump Is Extremely Dangerous


You rarely get to see in real-time the actions of a deluded, defeated, powerful leader mentally stuck in a bunker unwilling to accept he lost the election. President Donald Trump has played out much of his life as an overblown reality TV star, but as his days are numbered the veneer of gloss is long gone, and what we’re witnessing now in this episode of car-crash TV is something altogether more sinister with potentially extreme consequences.

First, we see and hear President Trump like a mafia boss using strong-arm tactics toward a State official (Republican secretary of state Brad Raffensperger) in which Trump demands that he find him 114,080 votes that would allow him one more vote than Biden to ‘claim victory’ in Georgia. That he wants to miraculously find this exact amount of votes from, ‘behind the sofa’, is beyond fanciful. Trump then goes on to say it’s, “Because everyone knows we won the election”. These are the words of a man consumed by his delusion.

There are a number of other accumulative factors that are adding to this pressure cooker situation that could very easily explode. Common sense Republicans should be pulling Trump aside and telling him to do the right thing and concede - but they are not, not least because Trump’s loyal support base is so strong many feel that to go against him may undermine their own power base. As such they are colluding with the deluded.

And it is to that loyal Trump power base, in particularly the gun-toting fringe embodied by the Proud Boys that is most worrying. Trump has urged them to descend on Washington to protest against the ‘stolen election’ and go ‘wild’. Gun-toting angry Trump supporters don’t leave much to the imagination for how that might turn out.

Law enforcement officers have already detained Enrique Tarrio, one of the leaders of the Proud Boys. The Far-Right Group ‘Proud Boys’ are seen as one of Trump's militia groups and one of the key organisers of the DC protest rally. This ‘stolen presidency’ rally also coincides with the Georgia vote for the two Senator posts that would give President-elect Biden control of both Houses if they won.

The stakes beyond the presidency these next few days couldn’t be higher. With the man leaving the White House, defeated, deluded, and potentially dangerous, America holds its breath.

All we can do here is hope that the founding fathers of the American Constitution have a robust enough democracy to deal with a petulant losing president who doesn’t wreck too much havoc as he leaves the White House.

Simon Woolley


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