Mohamud Mohammed Hassan: Petition demanding a release to CCTV footage nears 2,000 signatures


The public petition demanding the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) release body cam and CCTV footage relating to the detention and release of Mohamud Mohammed Hassan is nearing its 2,000 signature target.

The petition was created by former London Mayoral adviser Lee Jasper, who believes that to address the general public’s ‘acute and extreme’ concern, the footage should be released immediately. The number of signatories for the petition now sits at 1,959.

“If the police have got nothing to hide, there should be no problem in releasing footage of his arrest, his transport to Cardiff police station, his detention in Cardiff police station and his subsequent release the following morning”

Lee Jasper

South Wales Police have described the death of Mohamud Mohammed Hassan as "sudden and unexplained”. They have since gone on to add that early findings have found “no misconduct issues and no excessive force.”

Hassan who was only 24, was arrested from his home in Newport Road, Cardiff, on Friday 8th January. He was released from police custody the morning of Saturday, January 9. He died on the same day on Saturday night.

Hassan’s aunt, spoke to BBC Wales stating: “he was released on Saturday morning with lots of wounds on his body and lots of bruises… He didn't have these wounds when he was arrested and when he came out of Cardiff Bay police station, he had them.”

The testimony of Zainab Hassan is yet to be acknowledged by police which has led the public to continue to question the circumstances of Hassan’s death.

The frustration and search for answers led to a small group of people taking the knee in Hulme, Manchester, a group of five being broken up in London and most notably a demonstration in Cardiff 10 days ago, where more than 200 people gathered outside of Cardiff Bay police station.

Bianca Ali, who was accused of being the organizer of the events in Cardiff was fined £500 for contravening coronavirus legislation. Speaking to The Mirror she maintained she did not organise the protest and was called by the community and Black Lives Matter to support the cause. Crucially, Bianca explained the pain which the community had felt from the death of Hassan.

"It was important for people to know, to show South Wales Police our anger and heartbreak, to grieve over another black man's death in our community." .

Bianca Ali

Further protest has been made significantly harder due to the coronavirus legislation. Authorities continue to urge individuals to remain at home due to the virus. However, the death of Hassan has marked an exceptional circumstance where the community has been moved to take action and demand answers. As of yet, South Wales Police has communicated the impending investigation but have yet to inform the public on a defined time for when the investigation ends.

Hassan was only 24. He was a young man with a future ahead of him and had even been expecting his first child. For Hassan and his family, who are still here, it is imperative that we continue to raise awareness surrounding the situation and ensure the circumstances of his death are made clear.

The fundraiser aimed at helping Mohamud’s family with legal costs can be seen here.

Sign the petition calling for the release of body cam and CCTV footage now.

Mayowa Ayodele


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