Gofundme page launched to support Sasha Johnson


A Gofundme page launched to support the family of Sasha Johnson has drawn more than £5000 in three days. The page was created by Marvina Newton to support Sasha Johnson’s two children and pay for any care she may need during and after this important period.

As was the case when news of the attack broke, many continue to pray in the hopes that Sasha Johnson will make a full recovery. A vigil took place on Monday at Ruskin Park, South London, with chanting of prayers and positive affirmations being heard.

In an update provided on Tuesday, the Taking Initiative Party stated that Sasha was in critical care but has now undergone an operation and is in recovery post-surgery.

The party has condemned the abuse directed at them and Sasha as a result of the shooting. As you may have seen elsewhere, there have been online posts reacting to the news concerning the activist and mother of two in celebratory tones.

“Whilst we are overwhelmed by the love and the support for Sasha, we are also deeply saddened and disgusted by the negative press that has infested from this act of hate. Since the incident, we have been receiving emails and social media messages celebrating Sasha’s attack, messages wishing she dies, calling her a racist, and wishing better luck to the shooter next time for not killing her and so on.”

Taking The Initiative Party

The news that the police had arrested five people broke yesterday, but the party have reiterated the importance of conducting a thorough investigation to avoid members of the community becoming scapegoats for a crime they may not have committed.

These concerns are in part based on the reasoning behind some Metropolitan police arrests. This includes one individual, aged 25, who was arrested on suspicion of affray and failing to stop for the police.

“We urge the police to take responsibility, take this crime seriously and investigate adequately.”

Taking The Initiative Party

Charles Gordon, one of TTIP’s founding members, has reiterated that the party’s primary focus is on Sasha’s well-being and recovery.

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