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  • Bangladeshi respondents sought after
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  • Deadline 28 July
  • There are now only two days left to take the EVENS Survey. The first and largest study of its kind is attempting to change the data landscape of global majority communities, that are considered minority ethnic groups in the UK. 

    It comes less than 3 months after the widely condemned Sewell report which received criticism from bodies such as the British Medical Association and heads of previously commissioned government reviews. The overriding sentiment from the report was that it once more showed how the lived experience of non-white indviduals remain overlooked.

    That is not the case here. It is your truth, told by you.

    The organisers of the survey are hoping that the final days will see an uptake in responses from individuals of Bangladeshi heritage. This is due to the fact that a sufficient number of responses are required to fulfil its mandate of presenting 'robust' evidence on the challenges facing every ethnic group. 

    We are on our last stretch! We would like more responses from people who self-identify as Bangladeshi (for example, on census forms). If that is you, please take part in the #EVENS survey and help us advocate for race equality @CBS_Cardiff @MentalForum @ASeasonBanglaD

    — Evidence for Equality National Survey (EVENS) (@EVENSurvey) July 26, 2021

    This call to action isn't reserved for Bangladeshi respondents however. OBV wants every community represented in the survey so the experiences of different ethnic groups can be properly accounted for.

    Spread the word. After you’ve finished, you’ll receive a £10 gift voucher as a thank you. Even as we move out of lockdown, your experience of Covid-19 still matters.

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    We have you covered. Here's your quick guide to the OBV, EVENS Covid-19 Survey and if you want to hear about its importance and how it differs from surveys of the past, why not listen to two of the surveys leads:

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