OBV CEO Lord Woolley rejects Lord Robathan's BLM swipe during debate on Afghanistan


OBV CEO Lord Simon Woolley pushed back against suggestions that Britain’s enemies now sensed a “collapse in confidence” and “weakness” due to “caving in” to “left wing” causes such as BLM.

The comments came during yesterday’s emergency debate on Afghanistan in the House of Lords. Lord Andrew Robathan seemed to paint Black Lives Matter as not only being detrimental to restoring Britain’s International standing but as galvanising its "enemies".

”We need to focus on restoring the standing of the West, of Nato and of Britain, and our values around the world,” he said.

“We need to show confidence in our values, our history and our society and be proud of our history, not apologising the whole time and caving in to incredibly ignorant left-wing activists, such as Black Lives Matter, elsewhere. Our enemies sense our collapse in confidence and our weakness.”

”Shame on Lord Robathan”

OBV CEO Lord Woolley offered a clear response to Lord Robathan’s “cheap” and “divisive” comments when addressing the House a few hours later.

Speaking after Conservative peer Lord Jopling, he said: “My Lords, let me first say shame on Lord Robathan to make cheap, divisive remarks in this important debate about Afghanistan by claiming that Black Lives Matter is somehow against the interests of the UK.

“Black Lives Matter is about equality, diversity and decency, something he has lacked today.”

The left of field remarks not only show a reluctance to understand the reasons for the Black Lives Matter movement but also highlight how far insecurities regarding blackness and Britain’s relationship with race run - assuming anyone needed reminding.

The campaign group Windrush Lives seem to agree. Speaking to The Independent they said: “These types of views tend to cut across to all other non-white causes, pressure groups etc, which is how Lord Robathan managed to shoehorn a sideswipe at BLM into this unrelated and very serious emergency situation.”

After addressing the issue, OBV’s CEO urged the government to provide humanitarian aid to both Afghanistan and earthquake-stricken Haiti. He also advocated for a reversal of foreign aid cuts, resettlement packages for refugees, and a redoubling of “Great British statesmanship” in order to engage collaboratively with Britain’s international partners.

“We can and must have a global Britain but we have to step up to the leadership plate.”

OBV CEO, Lord Simon Woolley

Mayowa Ayodele