#YouCanAdopt campaign aims to tackle myths surrounding adoption process


In June this year, gov.uk published figures on the demographics of children in care in England, as of 2019. The statistics painted an unfortunate picture.

Despite the fact that Black children made up five percent of the country's under-18 population, they accounted for eight percent of all children in care and were among the least likely to be adopted at two percent, with those who were having to wait longer than children of other races. The long wait for adoption is a sad reality that affects all children, but the prolonged wait for Black children has seen a new campaign launched to address the issue.

Adoption Now are spearheading efforts to encourage Black families and individuals to take on adoption. The #YouCanAdopt Campaign was made to raise awareness around adoption and tackle myths surrounding who is eligible to adopt. The latest short film showcases Black adoptive parents discussing their experiences with Sherifa, an experienced social worker.

The film features Errord, Pearl, and their adopted daughter Amara, in addition to Azumah, who adopted her son Kwame in her 50s after unsuccessful IVF treatment and a hysterectomy.

I always tell my daughter, I didn’t push you out of my stomach - I pushed you out of my heart.

Pearl, Amara's adoptive mother

Amara, Pearl’s adopted daughter, is now at university studying international business and Mandarin. For her, the reassurance of her adoptive parents has been crucial in managing the life-changing experience.

“My parents were always open about my adoption, and from an early age would constantly reassure me that it was nothing to be ashamed of,” says Amara. “They would encourage me to ask questions whenever I felt confused, low, or just wanted to learn more about my adoption journey. Being so transparent with my family really strengthened our relationship, and I grew up feeling wanted, loved and secure.”

National Adoption Week runs from the 18th to the 23rd of October and will undoubtedly see a renewed focus on the adoption process and ensuring that children in care are adequately seen to across the board - you don't have to wait till then though.

For more information, please visit https://www.youcanadopt.co.uk/blackadopters



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