Conservative Party Conference | What did the prime minister commit to during his speech?


During his 45 minute speech, the Prime Minister committed to a "levelling up premium" aimed at attracting the best mathematics and science teachers to areas of the country where they were most needed. However, this was the only clear policy outlined.

As with Labour leader Keir Starmer, there was little in the way on how his party plan to reduce the racial inequalities that were brutally exposed over the last 18 months. 

Yesterday, his home secretary Priti Patel outlined her intention to curtail protests by increasing the maximum sentence for disruption of a motorway and announcing new criminal offences for interfering with "critical" national infrastructures such as roads, railways and newspaper printing presses. Other measures announced are also likely to see police given wider stop and search powers.

On the economy, Rishi Sunak refused to rule out a tax hike but committed to a £500 million job support plan and the extension of both the Kickstart and Job Entry Targeted Support (Jets) schemes. Despite this, cuts to universal credit are poised to go ahead and place 800,000 of the most vulnerable into poverty.

Finally, Sajid Javid stated that the government would look to resolve waiting lists made worse by COVID. He promised to "reform" the UK's health and social care system but added that UK citizens should be more willing to turn inward on these issues in order to deter against "always going to the state first."

"Health and social care begins at home," he said. He added, "It should be family first, then community, then the state."

Mayowa Ayodele