Black History Month 2021: What does it mean to you? Re-live the series now


It's here! Re-live the week-long digital series in full, NOW. Six black and mixed raced with black youth were asked what Black History Month means to them. Find out what they had to say, here:

Meesha Cru-Hall
"I don’t have strong childhood memories of the celebration of Black History Month..."

Banseka Kayembe
"Black history month can mean many things and shouldn’t be all doom and gloom, but for me right now, it means having more substantial conversations and igniting proper change, for Black people as a whole...."

"Tanya Kasinganeti
As a black person existing in Britain, Black History Month has at times proven to be a point of contention..."

Daniel Nwankwo
"To me, Black History Month represents all the shared experiences we have as black people..."

Ajoa Akuamoah
"Every year, Black History Month allows me and many others to re-examine their position as black people living in the UK..."

Emmanuel Afolabi
"I see Black History Month as a time to reflect on how far we have come and also acknowledge how much more can still be done to improve the lives of black people around the world..."