PMQs: Social Care dominates 45-minute session


The Prime Minister dismissed suggestions that it was time to “call it a day” from the SNPs Ian Blackford, in a session that was ultimately dominated by challenges to the government’s social care plans. 

Despite a rebellion from 19 MPs, most of whom were backbenchers, Monday saw the government push through amendments to social care which will cap the amount people will pay towards care during their lifetime at £86,000 The change in calculation to the social care cap looks set to disproportionately hit the nations poorest pensioners.

The change means that council contributions to care fees would not go towards the cap, which means poorer people who get means-tested help would end up paying the same as richer people if they needed care for a significant amount of time.

Jessica Elgot, writing in the Guardian

Labour leader Keir Starmer branded the bill as 'a working-class dementia tax' and accused the government of picking the pockets of working people to protect the estates of the wealthiest. The Prime Miniser refuted Starmer's remarks and instead claimed that the bill would solve problems Labour had failed to arrest. Johnson's defiance of the bill comes amid pushback from members of his own party.

In the lead up to Monday's vote, the conservative MP for Forest of Dean Mark Harper said the bill "potentially disadvantages the less well off and those of working age with life long conditions."

Mayowa Ayodele