International Black Activist Al Sharpton flies into UK for OBV Rally

Civil Rights Activist Rev Al Sharpton arrives in London today for a serious of
events including a Black political rally as part of Operation Black Vote's General
Election campaign.

Sharpton arrives in London having made two mercy visits to the earth-quake
stricken Haiti. He was there delivering aid as part of his charity Action for

Whilst here in London the Civil Rights icon will visit the Stephen Lawrence
Centre, meet Black magistrates and Church leaders, and attend a 2,000 strong
rally at Friends House, Euston.

OBV Directors Simon Woolley stated: "We are honoured to have perhaps
one the greatest orator's of his generation to give support and encourage Black
and Asian communities to have a powerful voice in this year's election.

"Given that the Election could be won and lost in the metropolitan areas,
the Black vote could be the decisive factor. This important rally serves notice
on the political establishment: ignore us at your peril."

To celebrate Dr Martin Luther King's birthday, OBV is hosting a flagship event
to commemorate Dr King's work and his legacy. The emphasis of the evening will
therefore be on the importance of voter registration and civic engagement which
were a key part of Dr King's legacy.

There will be a special keynote speech from the Rev. Al Sharpton and other
government officials and activists.

REALISING THE DREAM RALLY. Thursday 21st January 2010, 6pm - 9.30pm, Friends
House (opposite Euston station, London)

Notes to the editors:

1. Operation Black Vote is a non-party political campaign

2. The term "Black" is a political term. It refers to African, Asian,
Caribbean and other ethnic minorities.

3. The Operation Black Vote Shadowing Scheme is the first to specifically target
ethnic minorities.