Andrew Mitchell MP: ‘Welcome to our World’


An open letter

Dear Mr Mitchell

One negative altercation in which one officer is alleged to have fabricated evidence. One! And your ‘life long support and confidence’ in the whole of Her Majesty’s Police force, has been ‘shaken’.

Imagine Mr Mitchell being strangled, called, a N…r, arrested, thrown into cell. Then, having miraculously been able to record irrefutable evidence that you were racially abused, watch that officer walk free from a court of law, twice?

Imagine Mr Mitchell, your son has been brutally murdered, a number of police officers treat your murdered son and his best friend not as victims but as drug dealers. They shockingly fail to investigate the murder in any meaningful way; one is even filmed exchanging brown paper envelopes from gangland bossed connected with the suspects. Only after nearly 20 years are two of the five or six suspects behind bars serving sentences for your son’s murder.

Imagine  Mr Mitchell, that for no other reason than the colour of your skin too many police officers see you as a criminal, and as a result on a regular basis whether you are going to school or to work you are humiliated in the Stop and Search process.

Your have lost faith with the whole police force due to one unpleasant incident, and perhaps the officers Federation which has used the incident for their own political agenda, but how then should Africans, Asians and Caribbean’s feel? The Police federation, many police forces, and countless officers have often used the notion that ‘political correctness’ stops them doing ‘their job’. For many, doing their job is to condemn not one isolated individual but rather Black and minority Ethnic communities. Let's also not forget if any Black person angrily spewed profanities at an officer more often than not an arrest would quickly follow.

But that aside Mr Mitchell, welcome to our world.

I and many others hope that given your first hand experience of potential lies and deceit during your interaction with the police you will join those who argue that a regulated police force who have to record some of their activities and be fully accountable for their actions is not some bureaucratic nonsense that detracts from good policing, but rather the opposite. These processes not only engender accountable policing but also ensure greater confidence with officers and who they serve.

Something, it seems Mr Mitchell we all want more of.

Simon Woolley

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Well said, I have lived with the knowledge that a racist pig Mark Tuffey murdered a mate of mine and ruined many lives when he did. He never got investigated, the pigs involved in plebgate will get investigated more.

Will this be a turning point?

This article will resonate with so many people who have experienced injustice; deaths in police custody, false arrests and police harassment often go uninvestigated and unchallenged. Mr Mitchell (as powerful as he is) has had a taste of what it is like to be stitched up - so what chance do young men without power and political persuasion have? I would like to think that this will not only be a turning point for police accountability but also a turning point for MPs in general and Mr Mitchell in particular to support those facing similar situations to which he has now found himself. Although unfortunately, I think Mitchell and others will yet again turn a blind eye to the abuses that disproportionately impact on BME communities.

Should Bernard Hogan-Howe resign?

The Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said 2 days ago that he had seen "nothing that causes me to doubt the original account" provided by the provided by the Downing Street officers.

How could he be so sure before he investigates? Should Met be in charge of the investigation if their Commissioner has pre-determined the accuracy of the logs that are contradictory to the CCTV?

If the published log is authentic, then Bernard Hogan-Howe should resign. If he can not see what is wrong with the log, he is unfit to be the Commissioner of the Met. His current stand insults the nation's intelligence and contradicts to our basic sense of what is right and what is wrong and what is justice.

If the published log is not authentic, Bernard Hogan-Howe should also resign for not speaking out to clear the air when it was first published

The judiciary should take some blame too

Every criminal lawyer will tell you that policemen's statements are evidence. If you tell the judge you did not swear at the police, you did not use those words, you are likely to be shouted at by the judge "are you saying the police are lying"? . I witnessed one such shouting in Ipswich Crown Court. It was like judicial bullying. I am sure some judges know very well that some policemen give false statements, but judges, magistrate and police are part of the parcel to maintain local law and order, they are unlikely to rock the boat.

I also saw a magistrate told a barrister who was questioning a police Sargent his version of the statement, to back off, as the Sargent was not on trial and that he was a police officer doing a job.

There seems that there is a need in the establishment to maintain the respectability of the police at the expense of justice.

This may have contributed to how the police is today.

No Rule of Law if Police are institutionalised liars.

This is not an isolated incident. The police log in this case looks similar to other untruthful police logs, the mentioning of the members of the public looked shocked and the large amount of swear words against police - and if they decide to charge you, you are deemed guilty by the
magistrates/judges already, just based on the police statements alone and it is for you to prove that you did not swear at the police officers - a tall order.

If you use your mobile phone to record the incident to protect yourself, police will definitely take from your hand and out of your sight to deletes the recording. ie destroying the evidence.

The police officers are doing these because there are no consequence of doing them, their superiors are either party to these kinds of conduct or just turn a blind eye. It is institutional and it will take generations to clean up.

We can not have the rule of law if our Police are institutionalised in professional lying. The length the faked details of the off-duty police officer went in, in the email sent to the MP John Randell, suggests these are well practised police statement writing. It is standard practice, the minute a police officer worries about there maybe complaints against him/her selves, they ask the Police Federation for guidance/assistances and it seems the institutional lying has been given a helping hand by the Federation and now is widely practised as standard training.

Another trick up their sleeves if there are ill treatments of persons in cells or corridors in police station, is to tell the court the police computer server has malfunctioned and they can not retrieve the footage. This also involves several of them lying as a group and give false statements in court.

Mr Mitchell is lucky to have the CCTV footage, otherwise, he will probably spend the rest of his life feeling really bitter about the injustice he has suffered in the police hands. He may now has the redress for himself. It remains to be seen if these politicians will pull the ladder up once they sort their own trouble with the police out and leave us behind.

Today, Chris Mullen said on the News Night interview that he was subjected to bullying by the Police Fed too. it seems what the Plodgate has so far achieved is like the Saville Gate, people are starting to believe the victims of the police.

Burden of Proof.

The efforts by those who have chosen to prove Andrew Mitchell innocent are disgraceful. Words from some quarters are now pushing for his return to the front benches despite no real proof from Mr. Mitchell himself that the police were wrong. Andrew Mitchell has admitted using abusive language to the police - which in my view - makes him guilty.

I have not seen a shred of evidence that Andrew Mitchell did not use the word 'pleb'. Instead, some people are trying to get him off the hook on a technicality. These people are not helping society in general.

Unless Mr. Mitchell can produce red hot evidence that he hasn't used the word, and prove that he was not obstructive to the police in their duty, he is still a guilty man to me.

The efforts of all who have worked tirelessly to clear Andrew Mitchell's name is a disgrace. Andrew Mitchell has been handed privilege treatment above other law abiding citizens; some Minority Ethnic who the police have been abusing for ages; and still are post Stephen Lawrence Enquiry.

Andrew Mitchell should be setting the right example in his privileged position. He has failed to do that, and now thirty police officers have been drafted in to look into this matter which was a result of Mr. Mitchell’s arrogant and bad behaviour.

The burden of clearing Andrew Mitchell's name should be down to Andrew Mitchell himself.

Innocent until proven guilty

Yinka Oyesanya,

I am sure you have not seen a shred of evidence that Andrew Mitchell did use the word of "pleb".

You have forgotten the principal of our justice, which is innocent until proven guilty. It is not for us to prove we are innocent. We should be not in fear of complaining about the police if they have not treated us correctly, The fear is that the minute the police think you may complain about them, they will write in their logs that you call them f***** this and that, and you will have no way of proving your innocence.

This is not just a case about Mitchell, this case affects all of us.

People up and down the country have been plagued by these kind of false statements by their local police for a long time.

Police has a very big case to answer.

Policemen wrote those logs have to be subject to proper punishment, not just the one that pretend to be a member of the public, but the 2 who were on duty too.

If the 2 police wrote such log and got away without being subject to due judicial process, it will bring an end to the basis of our rule of law.

Mitchell is lucky as he has got the CCTV footage and the investigative journalists found out about the true identity of "a member of the public", most of us won't be so lucky. If what has been done to Mitchell was done to us, most of us probably already have a criminal record with no way of fighting back.

I think it is good that this has happened to one of the Ministers, so that they have some understanding not just as a matter of face, but emotionally, of what us normal people, especially the ethnic minorities have been subject to up and down the country. As Simon said, "welcome to our world".