Stop the Immigration Bill


The Immigration Bill being forced through Parliament has been described by one MP as ‘the most racist piece of legislation I have seen’ in his 16 years as an MP.

Britain’s diversity is a real strength, migrants have played an invaluable part in making the UK a fantastic place to live. The contribution made by immigrants in the UK has been enormous economically, socially and culturally. Migrants don’t come here to use the NHS, they come here to work in the NHS!

The Bill proposes:

  • Landlords verify Immigration status of prospective tenants or face fines of £3000. Understanding immigration status is complex. This will lead to racial profiling and discrimination as already evidenced in some parts of the country.
  • A complete shrinking of appeal rights and an increase in appeals that can only be made from abroad. Home Office decision making is poor and round 40% of appeals succeed. Taking away the right to appeal will make the system more unfair seriously impacting on people’s rights.
  • A charge on ALL migrants without indefinite leave to remain (no matter how much tax they contribute) changing the definition of ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK for use of the NHS. This idea is based on the myth of health tourism. It will serve to further dissuade students, qualified workers and performers from overseas coming to the UK.

The Bill itself is a part of the Government’s declared intention to make the UK a ‘hostile environment’ for irregular migrants. It won’t stop desperate people coming to the UK nor will make those already here leave but it will push irregular migrants further underground and it will increase distrust of all migrants and ethnic minorities.

The only people who should find the UK a hostile environment are those who seek to promote racism and division in the pursuit of anti-immigrant votes and short term popularity.

There will be a protest Tuesday 22nd October 10.30am

College Green, Opp Parliament –Westminster tube

The Movement Against Xenophobia is a coalition of more than 60 organisations committed to opposing the constant anti-immigrant, anti-immigration policies and rhetoric coming from the Coalition Government, the populist media and organisations such as Migration Watch.

Lee Jasper