The British Sikh Association pays tribute to Mandela


The Sikh Gurus championed human freedom, equality and harmony amongst people of different faiths for a better world. In line with these teachings and with the principles of Sikh Gurus, Nelson Mandela inspired others and preached multi racial harmony and equality for all irrespective of colour and race and was a beacon of hope for people across the world.

He brought about a profound change in the hearts and minds of white South Africans and united a divided nation.

His love for his people and his commitment to peace, justice and freedom bore fruit after 27 years in prison. He came out of prison not as a bitter man or someone wishing to take revenge against those who perpetrated such vile acts against him and his people, but a man preaching reconciliation for peace and for a better future for everyone. He peacefully brought about majority rule in South Africa by setting personal examples changing from an angry young man into a pragmatic leader and a statesman of great standing. He exemplified love and compassion for all regardless of race, religion or gender.

If every leader were to model their life on what Nelson Mandela stood for, then the world would be a much better place for everyone. Having achieved a peaceful transition to a democratic majority rule in South Africa, he stepped aside gracefully. Sadly, we have many leaders in the world who continue to cling to powers against the wishes of their people and inflict miseries for their ego.

The world owes him a debt of gratitude for showing it a way forward where no political or religious leader should ever have an ego bigger than the cause which they represent. Every leader must always put the interest of their people above their own to be worthy of their love and respect as Nelson Mandela was.

Nelson Mandela has left a permanent legacy and will live in our hearts forever. May he rest in peace.

Rami Ranger