Jess Phillips abusive tirade to Diane Abbott


I never saw this story back in Sept, but it resurfaced after the same MP Jess Phillips boastfully remarked about ‘stabbing’ the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn in the front, ‘if he ruined her party’.

During the first meeting of Labour MPs back in September after Corbyn was elected leader, Phillips embarked on foul-mouth tirade towards Abbott, when Abbott reminded her that she - Phillips - was not the only feminist in the party. Phillips response was to tell Abbott, ‘just go and ‘’.

Not content with losing control at that moment, she went on to brag about her encounter over the next few days in the media.

Speaking to the Huffington post about her abusive behaviour  she gloated: “I roundly told her to f.. off.” Asked what Ms Abbott did in response, Ms Phillips said: “She f... off." Adding, "People said to me they had always wanted to say that to her... I told her-Abbott- ‘Who the f... do you think you are?’

That Jess Phillips MP is a foul mouthed ignorant woman relishing in  her undignified role is without question. The more serious point is this: Can anyone imagine what dogs of hell would have been unleashed on Diane Abbott  if the roles were reversed?

Abbott would have been on the front page of every newspaper in the country with editors and commentators demanding her head for abusive bullying.

After some reflection  the foul mouthed Phillips begrudgingly tweeted:

‘To all those saying my behavior was appalling you are of course completely correct. It is no way to behave. Lesson learned.’

But she made no public  apology to Ms Abbott, worse still she has not chastised by the Labour party.

Thankfully Diane Abbott is made of stronger stuff, but it is pretty depressing when a white women can be so abusive to a Black woman and her actions be construed as heroric. The double standard, which clearly involves the race penalty is frankly breathtaking.

Simon Woolley