Xenophobia has poisoned our EU institutions


As the bodies of hundreds dead migrants gently rise and fall with the of the swelling of the Meditation Sea we see the stunning lack of compassion of European nations, many of whom failed to act when Italy warned them of this growing and intending crisis over a year ago.  This year an estimated 1.500 people have drowned on Italy's coast although, in reality the number is expected to be much higher. 

Black bodies are piling up in morgues of America


Black bodies are piling up in morgues of America and justice lies bleeding on the gutter.

The wretched reality for black people living in North American and Europe is one that haunts our every living moment. White supremacy is such that one of the consequences of racism is that we we are routinely disbelieved. White privies and institutional racism collide in a toxic mix

OBV eXpress @ the Hammersmith Academy


The OBV eXpress bus stopped in the London borough of Hammersmith yesterday, spending the day at Hammersmith Academy. Teachers and pupils alike positively welcomed the OBV team and gave us the wonderful opportunity to engage with young citizens.

The morning consisted of students jumping on-and-off the bus, many of them gazing at the bus in sheer curiosity and splendour. We had students as young as 13 express interests in politics! We at the OBV team consider that as a positive sign of engagement from this upcoming generation.

How long until justices comes?


The Inquest into the death of Kingsley Burrell, who died in police custody in Birmingham March 2011, is finally set to take place – nearly four years after his death.

OBV launch UK’s first voter phone APP at Youth concert with Fuse ODG



Press Release


OBV launch the UK’s first voter registration download APP at Youth Concert with Fuse ODG

'The future of political engagement will be done via the smart phone'

Today at Tooting and Mitcham Football Club OBV, with the help of the international singing star FUSE ODG, will launch the nations first Voter registration down load App.

Pankurst and King: divided by continent; united in vision


This week saw two important dates celebrated across the world. First, there was the celebration of Dr King’s historic civil rights march in Selma Alabama, and then our annual celebration of International Women’s Day.

Both are hugely significant in demonstrating the changing nature of our democracies, improving representation and forcing the Governments of the day, to yield to the massive public demands for equality and justice.

Easy way to register to vote




This weekend see's the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther Kings historic civil rights march in Selma Alabama March 7th 1965. Our journey on the long road to equality and justice is far from over, and this important anniversary is the perfect occasion to launch our 'Reclaim Democracy' voter registration campaign for the forthcoming general election. 

OBV eXpress: On the road to racial equality and democratic reform


On a windy, rainy day in Brixton the OBV eXpress campaign bus quietly rolled into the symbolic Windrush Square emblematic of the multiculturalism of this London borough. It was one of those wet, drizzly days where the pavement reflects images like a simmering mirror that somehow offered the opportunity for Brixton to take a long hard look at itself.





Media is lacking diversity in various forms


The on-going under-representation of Black and Minority Ethnics was discussed at by media experts at an event last week on corporate concentration of media ownership and democracy. 

Professor of Media and Communications at Goldsmith Natalie Fenton started with outlining shocking figures showing a developing concentration of publication ownership in the UK and worldwide at the event organised by People`s Parliament and hosted by Labour MP Austin Mitchell (Great Grimsby). 

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