Bhikhu Chhotalal Parekh

Lord Parekh was raised to the peerage as Baron Parekh of Kingston upon Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire in 2000. He is affiliated with the Labour Party.

Lord Parekh was educated at HDS High School, Bombay University and London University. He is married to Pramila Dalal and has three sons.

His career achievements include being a Political tutor at the London School of Economics, a Politics lecturer at Glasgow University, and Professor of Political Theory at University of Baroda.

Lord Parekh is a member of the Select Committee on Human Rights and is the Founding Member and Past President of the Research Committee on Political Philosophy of International Political Science Association.

Lord Parekh has worked with the Commission for Racial Equality as well as the Committee of Inquiry into Educational Problems of Ethnic Minority Children.

He is the author of many publications, including Politics and Experience, The Morality of Politics, and The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain: The Parekh Report.


211 Victoria Avenue

Tel: 020 7219 5353